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NC Innovations Waiver I/DD

In-Home Skill Building 

In-Home Skill Building Services provide habilitation and skill building to enable the consumer to acquire and maintain skills, which support more independence.

In-Home Skill Building consists of:

  •  Training in interpersonal skills and development and maintenance of personal relationships.

  •  Skill building to support the participant in increasing community living skills, such as shopping, recreation, personal banking, grocery shopping and other community activities.

  •  Training with therapeutic exercises, transferring, ambulation and use of special mobility devices.

  • Transportation to support implementation of in-home skill building.

In-Home Skill Building is provided when a primary caregiver is home or when that primary caregiver is regularly scheduled to be absent. In-Home Skill Building is individualized, specific, and consistent with the participant’s assessed disability specific needs and is not provided in excess of those needs.

Community Living and Supports (CLS)

Community Living Services provide support for people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community Living assist people in developing a Person-Centered Plan and then create an individualized budget based on that plan. Community Living helps develop skills to assist the consumer to become independent in the home and community.

Respite Care and B3 Respite

Respite Services provide periodic relief for the family or primary caregiver.This service enables the primary caregiver(s) to meet or participate in scheduled and unscheduled events away from the child or adult consumer. Respite may include in and out-of-home services, activities in a variety of community locations.


CAP/C Services for Children and CAP/DA Services for Adult

CAP/C and CAP/DA Services provide home and community based services for disabled individuals as an alternative to nursing home placement. The program participants remain in their private homes.

Community Networking

Community Networking (individual or group) is a service that provides individualized day activities that support the individual’s definition of a meaningful day in an integrated community setting. A goal of this service is to be inclusive of individuals with disabilities within the community, therefore it is provided separate and apart from the home of the individual and that of the provider.

Some activities of Community Networking are:

  • participation in adult education programs

  • development of community-based time management skills

  • community based classes to develop hobbies or leisure and cultural interests

  • volunteer work

  • participation in associations and/or community groups

  • assist children to participate in integrated day care/after school summer programs

Personal Care Services (PCS) for Adults:

Personal Care Services provide hands-on assistance to Medicaid recipients who disabilities, mental impairment, and/or chronic conditions that prevent them from performing their own self-care.

If you or someone you love needs assistance, call us and our trained staff will gladly assist you.

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